My Initial Days – jumping from “system” to “system”

When I was struggling with unemployment and desperately looking for a channel to make my way , and browsing normally over the internet I came across the topics of making money online.

I thought , Is it really possible to make money online ?

that’s the first time i have seen about making money online and didn’t really thought about it and left it.

A few days later , I got one email explaining about making money online and just ignored it.

As the time goes, there are so many emails been on my way to my inbox with full of emails explaining about this money making process.

So, I thought of looking at it to know exactly what is it?

There was so much information out there that I was always confused about what I was supposed to be doing and I always felt like I was a step behind.

I found myself jumping from “system” to “system”, getting more and more confused and even worse…DOUBTING MYSELF!

My frustration began to grow as I discovered that most of the information out there was incomplete and left huge gaps.

I spent way more time than I should have just trying to figure out how to get the basics of my online business up and running.

There was nothing that actually put everything in one place so that I could understand the “big picture” of what I was trying to build in the first place.

There was no course that actually explained how an online business worked and what steps would get me there.


to be continued…


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