Studies have shown that….

Studies have shown that people who grow up being fed an unhealthy
diet of the words, “No, can’t, never, forget it…”
are mentally and emotionally conditioned to stop dreaming. They
become a victim to a disease of the mind called
‘Excusititis’ which makes them come up with a reason or an
excuse why they can never succeed at something.

It almost becomes a reflex action even when new opportunities knock
on their door.

Try saying the words, “No, no, no, no, no, no” a dozen
times and it will eat you alive.

The cure is to turn it all around and focus on this mantra, “I
CAN, therefore I will!”

The moment you start embracing this new diet of saying, “Yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes” and you will see all kinds of brand new
opportunities knock on your door.

And don’t worry if you are worried that this will not work for


Let Me Ask You… Are You More Afraid of Failure?

success tips

Today I wanted to talk to you  something a little different than normal.

This isn’t shiny, there is nothing for sale here, and there is no cool new

tactic to learn.

Yet, this is probably the most important piece of information

I could ever put in front of you.

Let me ask you… Are you more afraid of failure?


The unknowns that could happen if you succeed?

9x’s out of 10 it isn’t fear of failure that stops you.

What if I go out and create a product and people don’t like it?

(result: you’re in the same spot you’re in now)

What if I go out and cold call 100 businesses and nobody buys?

(result: you’re in the same spot you’re in now)

What if I put up this site, SEO it, and no traffic comes?

(result: you’re in the same spot you’re in now)

There is no reason to fear any of these… the worst case

scenario is that if you fail… you’re in the exact same spot

that you are already in.

If I had to guess… this is what you’re really afraid of…

What if I actually take action, they want my service…

..and do the unthinkable and hire me?

What then?

Can I provide the service? Can I get that video ranked?

Can I really get them fans? Do I really even know what

I’m doing?

Or am I going to make a fool out of myself?

And I get it… those are all valid concerns, but let me

ask you.

If you go out there and fail at any of the questions I’ve

listed above….

What is the result?

You’re in the SAME exact spot you’re in right now.

but… you don’t have to wonder “what if”

Don’t be afraid…

Think like a little kid again learning how to ride a bike.

What happens while learning how to ride it?

You get training wheels (you already have training)

You fall down a lot, you scrape your knees a lot,

and maybe even bleed a little.

But you get up.

You dust yourself off, and you give it another go

because the kid in all of us knows that if we let

our own fears get in the way. We will never figure

out how to ride that bike.

So this weekend I challenge you.

Be fearless.

Take your what if’s and throw them out of the window.

And get out there and fall down…

…if you scrape your knees… so what.

Get up and get after it again.

You get up enough times you are guaranteed to


This weekend take action like the kid in you would.

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Nothing Happens Until You Make it Happen!

If you like being told how quick and easy everything is,then this isn’t for you.

This is for those willing to take some tough love to reach their online goals.

It’s worth it if you’re ready. makemoneyonline

Recently I was asked this question from a webinar …

“Do I need to quit my job to start an online business?”

NO. No way. Don’t even think about doing it!

Whatever you do, don’t quit your job to start an online business.

First of all, you don’t need to. You can get started in your spare time.

Hopefully you have some spare time.

If you work 12 hours a day every day of the week,

then you need to find someway to cut your expenses

so you can drop the amount you’re working now. But that’s a totally different subject.

The very first goal for someone starting out is simply to earn their first dollar online.

Make your first sale. Then move from there.

The next goal should be to get a small part-time extra income,

perhaps pay a car payment or your house payment.

Then push for the goal of replacing your current job income.

Once your online business consistently replaces your income,

then it’s time to consider quitting that job.

And some people enjoy their jobs. They even keep them after they’re successful.

You have the option and the choice.

Once you reach financial independence, you can make decisions like this.

If you like your job, keep it.

If you love your business, grow it.

If you want to sell your business and retire for other pursuits, you can do that too.

How long will it take YOU to get to this point?

I don’t know. I don’t know you well enough.

I don’t know just how much commitment and effort you would put into it.

And I don’t know how your market will react.

So the only honest answer here is I simply don’t know.

What has been this answer for others?

Business involves risk. One project may be a home run while another one fails.

And still others hop along just barely worth the time.

Are you willing to do what it takes?

Are you willing to put in the time?

Are you willing to overcome the obstacles and frustrations which come?

Or do you want a guaranteed job? Do those even exist anymore?

If it was as “easy” as some claim it is, no one would ever need to hire a coach or outside support.

That’s the reality of business. This isn’t a rah-rah cheer leading message,

but it’s the message I wish I would have heard in the beginning.

Can someone make money online?


Can they even do it quickly?

Yes, it has happened and will happen again.

It’s not as easy as some claim.

But it’s also not my goal to make it sound too difficult.

Whether it’s easy or hard is simply based on how you look at it.

Comments and Suggestions are Always Welcomed.

Prasanth V



“Shift Happens: Why Small Changes Lead to Big Results”

personal development tipsDo you want to create some MASSIVE positive shifts in your life? If so, I want to teach you a secret that has the potential to do just that. It can all be summed up in one sentence:

“How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

Have you heard that phrase before? It’s a powerful little concept that has incredible ramifications. It simply means that how you go about the everyday, routine things is how you will inevitably approach the “big” challenges in life.

We have all developed patterns and habits that become the default way that we approach life’s challenges and hurdles. It’s the way that we generally “show up” on a regular basis, no matter what the situation is.

I want you to take a moment right now to consider how you “show up” in the world most of the time:

  • Do you approach challenges with a “can do” or “can’t do” attitude?
  • Can you be relied on without fail?
  • Do you push on, undeterred, seeking to excel, finding new energy and qualities you didn’t know you had?
  • Do you tend to buckle and quit?
  • Do you expect the best from people or take a “wait and see” outlook?
  • Do you take full responsibility for your actions and results?
  • Or do you consistently blame others and external circumstances?
  • Do you start strong, with good intentions, but stop short when things get tough?
  • Are you determined that we follow through with excellence, despite your fears?
  • Or do you tend to find ways to excuse yourself – to quit, maybe even letting others down?

Okay, now that you’ve got a picture of the kind of patterns you have, ask yourself if your approach tends to be consistent within various areas of your life: in business, in relationships, in your goals, health and fitness, spiritual practice, etc.

Sir Richard Branson was asked once what he thought was the key to being more productive in business. His answer? “Working out.” *

Huh?!?! But when you think about it, exercise has a positive impact on your brain health, your emotional balance, your longevity, your energy and stamina, and perhaps most importantly, it teaches you discipline, endurance, a winning attitude, and to not quit.

As Brian Tracy says, “success leaves clues.” And one of the clues that highly successful people leave is that they are in alignment with themselves. They approach everything with the same values, commitment, and standards every time. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) calls the state of alignment “congruence.” That is, where every fiber of your being is consistent and in agreement.

Okay, here’s today’s coach’s challenge for you: Start being aware how you do the small things in your life. Then look for the same patterns in other areas. Are your habits and patterns helpful? Or do they hold you back?

Now here’s the key. Start Small. Make a conscious intention to become more congruent by changing the way you approach the small things. Take contrary action on just a few things. Set the bar just a little higher for yourself. You may be quite surprised how over time, those small changes will start showing up in a BIG way.

Barb Wade, M.A. specializes in teaching Coaches to create thriving, 6-figure practices in under 20 hours a week!  For a FREE “How To Get Clients” BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH KIT just for Coaches, visit


Stop Planning and Start Doing

MakemoneyonlinefastStop Planning and start doing – I have said this to you time and time again, if you put off what you can do today until tomorrow, it’ll never get done.

Focus on making £1 or $1 – you will be amazed at how that will transform your thinking, your whole mind set will change and you will start to believe in yourself.

Learn on the job – You do not need to be the fountain of all knowledge to be successful, you will make mistakes, bit carry on and learn from them, it will only make you better at what you are doing!

Run with one single idea – I am terrible at this, I have so many ideas floating around in my head, and I have about 10 projects 75% finished! But if you focus on one idea, get it 100% completed, it will start earning you some cash, and free you up to move onto the next idea!

And the last point I will make on this is decide whether you want a lifestyle business or a “big company” that you can sell! Both are great, a lifestyle business allows you to work when you want and earn good income £10, 20, 30K a month, a “big business” will require more work but ultimately you will or should be able to sell it down the line for a large sum.

So the choices are yours, but please just make a decision stick to it, work at it and you will be successful. The internet is only getting more and more popular with more and more advertising mediums available to you, so it’s time to cash in!

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed.