Am I Newbie or Overloaded?

That what I always think in my mind…

sometimes feel like am just a newbie don’t know anything


sometime i feel like too much of information loaded in my head which seems to blast someday

what happens to me and how to come out of it ?

Why do I feel like this ?

Am I Newbie or Overloaded ?

I feel Overloaded Why ?

Because I have read so many ebooks , listened to many audio mp3s , have attended so many webinars of so many gurus and highly respected marketers ……So now if I buy any thing related to Internet Marketing i feel like I already know this secrets and tricks …and there is nothing new to me to learn it seems…

Then WHY do I feel like Newbie ?

Because inspite of learning so much of information..I have NOT taken any ACTION with that information so far..

I have not implemented any of the methods ….and up until Now I don’t have a website or hosting ..never bought anything due to fear of failing ….

That was the mistake which I was doing here inspite of the knowledge which i gained from many marketers

may be so many just like me would be there in the same position like NOT taking Action of what they buy …

So what I have learned from this  lesson ?

Taking Action is the No. 1 Key to Success.

Delaying the decision is worse than making the wrong decision. You can usually fix bad decisions. You can’t fix indecision.

So friends ….Don’t do the mistake like me.

Thank you for taking your time to read this far

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed.





2 thoughts on “Am I Newbie or Overloaded?

  1. Hey Prasanth,

    We all have the same issues that you’re having.

    Information overload and sometimes we feel we don’t know “anything” or not “enough”.

    The key to this is taking MASSIVE LOADS OF ACTION.

    There is no other better antidote than that.

    AS soon as you start practicing it, you’ll enjoy the results gained!

    Good luck and take care!


  2. Hi Sergio
    Thank you for your comments.
    Yes, I do feel that taking action is the solution to the overload problem.
    But you know what…Unable to decide where to start, since the information learned is so much in our mind and feel like every strategy works if we take action…But to start with what ? is really a big problem now…meanwhile again all the shiny objects comes all over the way to distract us from taking action of what we already learned…

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